"You might know the baker of Music Row from an earlier career. The Oklahoma native started out as a country singer in the '50s, and logged his share of time in Music Row's landmark musicians' hangout Spence Manor along with the likes of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Elvis Presley" 

- Carrington Fox, Nashville Scene "The People Issue" 2014. 

Bobby John Henry — an 81-year-old hit songwriter who rose to prominence alongside Merle Haggard and others during the Bakersfield Sound era — has become a premier culinary figure in Music City. Named one of "Nashville's most interesting people" by Nashville Scene, his wholesale bakery across the street from BMI world headquarters has served prominent restaurants around the city since 2000. 


When Haggard fell ill in 2015, Henry decided to dust off his guitar and write a get-well song for his old California friend. "Praying for Merle" turned into "Fishin' With Merle" after Haggard's death. Now, the song is pushing Henry back into the music spotlight after several decades away.