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//  Origin: Bakersfield, CA
//  Genres:  Country
//  Years Active:  1950- Present
//  Label:  American Gramaphone Society
Short Bio

Bobby John Henry, known in Nashville as "The Baker of Music Row," is a singer, musician, businessman and prolific songwriter. He has over half a century in the music industry and an impressive catalog of songs. In 2015, he wrote a get-well song for his ailing friend Merle Haggard, titled "Fishin' With Merle." Henry made an iPhone video and sent it to Merle before he passed away. A new version of "Fishin' With Merle" is now available worldwide.


Set List


Tech Rider


Hospitality Rider


Label: American Gramaphone Society 

Management: Bobby John Henry |

Booking: Bobby John Henry |

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